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Super Long (20/30M) 18Gbps Optical Fiber 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0 Cable

Plug and play, without external power supply or signal amplifier, Support HDCP2.2, CEC and EDID. Small barren waist streamlined metal shell, in line with ergonomics. Fiber-optic transmission of high-frequency signals, no electromagnetic interference.

Colour: Black
Connector Type: Standard HDMI A Type plug
Highest bandwidth : 18Gbps (Single channel 6Gbps)
Resolution: 4K (3840×2160)@60Hz (Downward compatibility)
Conductor Material: Tinned Copper+Fiber
Shell Material: Zinc Alloy
Shielding: Aluminum Foil+Metal Woven Mesh
Jacket Material: TPE
Type: Gold Plated Male to Male
One way Direction: Source – Display
Cable Dimeter : 4.8mm
Plug Size: 21 x 50 x 6 mm
Cable Length: 20 / 30m

Compatibility: Perfectly Compatible with HDMI Cable 2.0; 4K HDR at 4:2:0 8/10/12bit, 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 with 8 bits; 3D 4K Video at 60 Hz, backward compatible with 2160p 60Hz 1080p 144Hz and previous HDMI devices v1.4 and v1.3 standards. This Cable will NOT be compatible with devices with HDMI 1.2 or older version, please double check before buying.

Applications: PlayStation (including PS5 PS4 PS3, Xbox 360 One, Nintendo Switch), Laptops, TVs (including Apple TV, HDTV, Roku TV Box), PC, Projector etc.

Important Note: Fiber optical cable is single way transmission, from Source to Display only. Please notice the Source which is written with “Source” on the Plug, which should be plugged into your video source such as DVD Player / Game Consoles etc. whereas “Display” is to be plugged to display unit such as your TV screen / Projector etc.

$110.00 inc. GST

EAN: 7898554606921

Fortrek Super Long HDMI Cable Content 01  Fortrek Super Long HDMI Cable Content 03 Fortrek Super Long HDMI Cable Content 02

What are Active Optical Cables?

Active optical cables (AOC) are cables with optoelectronic modules in the connector heads that convert electrical signals to light. Unlike passive copper cables, which send electronic signals directly down the internal copper wire, AOC involve additional signal conversions. In an active optical cable, electrical input is converted to photons via the combination of a specialized chipset or driver and laser(s). Photons are received at the other end of the cable and converted back to electrical impulses.

How is this powered? In our cables, the 5 volt output of HDMI ports provides the necessary voltage. While data is transferred over glass, the cables still contain copper wire conductors.

Are Active Optical Cables Directional?

Yes. Because of the signal conversion activity at the cable heads, these cables are directional. Connector heads are marked “Source” and “Display.” Cables must be installed accordingly in order to function correctly.

Why Use a HDMI Active Optical Cable?

Active optical cables send data via optical fibers. This means much higher bandwidth capabilities than standard copper cables, as well as longer distances. Our 4K UHD HDMI Active Optical cables can send signal at 18 Gbps for up to 40 meters, which is well outside the capabilities of a standard copper HDMI cable.

HDMI Active Optical Cables can also reduce materials needed on installations, as AOC can (depending on your distance requirements) provide an alternative to running fiber cables to individual HDMI over fiber baluns.

Additionally, the optical fibers provide much greater resistance to electromagnetic interference, as well as lower latency. Lag is also reduced compared to standard copper cables, as signals are traveling at the speed of light.



Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 7 cm


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20M, 30M

Cable Length

Output Voltage



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