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Harmonics HBB L332L Bb Tuba Brass Instrument Details
Harmonics HBB L332L Bb Tuba Brass Instrument Carrying Case
Harmonics HBB L332L Bb Tuba Brass Instrument Soft Case
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Harmonics HBB-L332L Bb Tuba 3/4 3 Pistons Brass Instrument with Soft Case

The Harmonics HBB-L332L Bb Tuba is finally here! This brass tuba is a great option for players of all skill levels, and especially for students who need excellent quality and value.

Key Features:

  • Produced with quality materials, with resistance and durability
  • Provide an excellent start for the careers of aspiring tuba players
  • Comes with a luxurious case, which keeps the instrument protected and safe
  • Features in flawless gold lacquer finish, in detail craftsmanship, and outstanding concert-level sound

What you will get :

1 x Bb Tuba

Additional Information :

Brand: Harmonics

Model: HBB-L332L

Key: Bb

Bore: 16.8mm

Bell: 367.5mm yellow brass

Tuning pipe: Yellow Brass

Piston: Cupronickel

Lead pipe: Yellow brass

Finish: Lacquer

Height: 827mm

Case: Soft Case

Get yours now!

$2,280.00 inc. GST

EAN: 7898554605986

Great quality

Harmonics Tuba is made of solid brass and is well-designed for a durable structure. Hundreds of thousands of tests to make sure the pistons act well.

Amazing Timbre

Light and easy to handle, valves last and respond quickly with good care. Professionally standard Bb key, bore, and bell, all making an awesome sound. Suitable for beginners, intermediate, and experts.

Elegant Appearance

Lacquer gold with stainless steel, more than 40 working hours of a craftsman to do the polishing by hand to get it flawless and forever charming.

Produces Brilliant Sound

The high-quality material and premium design of this tuba help it produce excellent sound, volume, and pitch. Users of all levels will appreciate the fine sound projection and supreme functionality it offers.

Excellent for Student Musicians

The Harmonics Tuba in gold lacquer was designed to meet the needs of student and beginner musicians. Easy to handle, affordable, and durable, this brass instrument is sufficient and enjoyable to play.

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 90 × 58 × 45 cm


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