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Harmonics HBN-595 C Maple Bassoon Instrument, Nickel Plated, with Soft Case

The Harmonics HBN-595 Bassoon is finally here! This woodwind instrument is a great option for players of all skill levels, and especially for students who need excellent quality and value.

Key Features:

  • Scroll wheel key design makes it more natural and smooth to switch the tone keys
  • Waterproof treatment, avoids cracking and extend life
  • Precise opening, determines the overall sound quality and pitch
  • Comes with a luxurious case, which keeps the instrument protected and safe

What you will get :

1 x C Bassoon

Additional Information :

Brand: Harmonics

Model: HBN-595

Key: C

Body material: Maple

Surface: High gloss lacquer

Mechanics: Nickle plated copper

Spring needle & Spring plate: From Italy

Pads: from Italy

System: German system

Roller key: Eb, Db Roller key for the left-hand little finger. F,G# roller key for the right-hand little finger

Self-lock key: With bass self-lock key

Bocal: Double S-bocal

Net weight: 3KG

Height: 1260mm

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$3,688.00 inc. GST

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EAN: 7898554602862

Great Quality

Harmonics Bassoon is made in carefully selected maple material wood, which is fine and dense, with clear patterns, hard, and excellently polished.

Elegant Appearance

High gloss lacquer with nickel-plated copper, more than 40 working hours of a craftsman to do the polishing by hand to get it flawless and forever charming.

Produces Brilliant Sound

The high-quality material and premium design of this bassoon help it produce excellent sound, volume, and pitch. Users of all levels will appreciate the fine sound projection and supreme functionality it offers.

Excellent for Student Musicians

The Harmonics bassoon was designed to meet the needs of student and beginner musicians. Easy to handle, affordable, and durable, this woodwind instrument is sufficient and enjoyable to play.

Quality you can Trust

Harmonics was born with the proposal of combining high quality, technology and competitive market prices. Following three fronts, Harmonics works with string instruments, wind instruments and microphones, meeting the main market demands with extreme quality and precision.

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 88 × 30.8 × 29.5 cm


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