Air Purifier & Humidifier 240 mL with Water Level Monitoring & Auto Sleep Mode

Vamp up your indoor space with a clean breathing atmosphere produced by this multi-functional Air Purifier and Humidifier. Maintains ideal levels of humidity in any space so you can keep moving indoors stress-free! Plunge into your sleep and experience the healthy and comfortable atmosphere you need by adding our humidifier to your home or office!


Relieve Stress and Improve Sleeping
Built with Stratified Purification System and Clean Filtration System that offers you natural and clean oxygen flow.


Anion Applications
An efficient Anion Generator neutralizes and precipitates the positive-charged dust, harmful organisms, and toxic gases in the air. Thus, effectively purifying your indoor spaces.


Unnoticeably Whisper Quiet
Runs are nearly silent, making them the ideal air humidifier for baby rooms and bedrooms. The ultra-quiet operation ensures you snooze without interruption.


Auto Sleep Mode Function
Rest easy with the sleep mode feature that will automatically sleep when it detects no human activities in the room. Also automatically stops misting when it detects that the water is below sufficient.


Built-in Night Lamp
Featured with a light strip that runs around the top of the unit. So it serves both as an air refresher and night light.


Product Specification:
Working Voltage: 5V
Interface: Type-C
Working Temperature: -10 to 70 °C
Working Area: about 10 to 20 m²
Maximum win speed: about 80 cubic feet per minute (cfm)
Filter size: 102 mm* 102 mm * 20 mm
Air Purifying: Support
Anion: about 8 million cm³
Humidification: Support (2 modes)
Intelligent Control: Support (Identification radius of 5m)
Colorful Lamp: Support (3 modes)
Water Capacity: 240 mL
Size : 150 mm * 150 mm* 157 mm
Accessories: Host / Cable / Manual


Breathe better, sleep better, and live better at home. Immerse in a healthy atmosphere your home deserves. Purchase today!

$79.99 inc. GST

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EAN: 664339705021

[ Remove Harmful Substances in Air ] – Enhanced with Stratified Purification System and Clean Filtration System that allows you to breathe in the comfort of your space worry-free. Built with filter cotton and activated carbon that improves the air quality.

[ Intelligent Water Level Monitoring ] – Ensures you are safe with its built-in water level sensor that automatically stops spraying when it detects that the water is insufficient. This prevents working without water so you can enjoy your home with peace of mind.

[ Automatic & Easy Operation ] – Its intelligent microwave radar supports an identification radius of 5 meters or about 20m². No need to remember shutting it off because the diffuser will automatically enter sleep mode so you can efficiently save energy.

[ Portable & Multi-functional ] – Conventional thanks to its dual functionality, serving both as an air refresher and night light. Will match all types of bedroom decor so you can confidently place it on your bedside table, kitchen, playroom, office, or study room! Essential air diffuser to keep your smart home and office clean!

[ Operates in Silence ] – Runs silently so you can protect your healthy sleep like a baby. No humming or whistling as this air humidifier steadily dispenses the healthy atmosphere you need. Protect your family’s sleep from excessively dry air, dust, and more!

Learn more about this K9 Air Purifier and Humidifier in this video.

Air Purifier u0026 Humidifier with Water Level Monitoring u0026 Auto Sleep Mode

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 19 cm

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