Philips RGB Gaming Mousepad | Gamer Wireless Fast Charging Mat Extra Large 80x30cm, Smooth and accurate

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  • HIGH QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE DESK MAT: Micro-textured cloth surface, for speed and control play-styles, ensure that every mouse movement translates into cursor movement, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate precision in the most passionate game. Non-slip rubber base, to stay firmly in place, accurate mouse control, and consistent stability on your desk high Quality and Performance Desk Pad. Micro-textured cloth surface, for speed and control
  • RGB LIGHTING MODES MOUSE PAD: with a Unique Starry Sky. This extra-thick RGB gaming mouse pad features static light modes and dynamic modes. Just easily click the switch button to change colours, choose from multiple lighting modes, red, pink, orange, green, blue, purple, cyan, yellow, white, rainbow, rolling and breathing. Create a cool and colourful game world to your desktop
  • FOLDABLE LARGE MAT: It will fit your desktop perfectly and provides great movement space. The large mousepad is suitable for all types of keyboards and mice, offering plenty of room for your operation. Exquisite workmanship can increase your wrist comfort and touch, bring the greatest help to your work or game. Play and plug. Simple operation by 1.8m USB cable powered, plug in to get power, easy to use. Long press the button to turn off the backlit
  • WIRELESS CHARGING: No device is required, Just place your phone on the mat to automatically connect with the charger. The LED modes can be changed easily via clicking the button. The RGB light brightness can be adjusted while double clicking the button. Press the button for 3 seconds can turn light off.
  • LARGE SIZE AND DURABLE: Enlarged Size (Total 80x30cm; 70*30cm Soft Pad + 10*30cm Wireless Charging Station) ensures that it will perfectly cover the desktop and provide enough movement space to use. The Gaming Mouse Pad is designed with Reinforced Stitched Edge and 5mm thick Nylon Thread stitching along the edge, it prevents the mat from bumping up and broken. The water-resistant layer and spandex fibre make the RGB gaming mouse pad easy to clean and quick-dry.

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Introducing PHILIPS Magnificent RGB Gaming Mouse Pad with Wireless Charging station.

To light up your desk

PHILIPS mouse pad provides smooth and accurate mouse control, making better performance in playing gaming’s. It is large enough to support your mouse and keyboard. The RGB Lighting backlit is perfect in creating excellent gaming mouse atmosphere. PHILIPS mouse pad is the best choice for you.

It features a high quality micro-textured enhances gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate precision in the most passionate game. Waterproof surface with water resistant coating, effectively prevent accidental damage from spilled liquid. Dense shading and non-slip rubber base can firmly grip the desktop

Waterproof Design

  • Made of nano-textured material which has great locking-colour effect
  • It can be easily cleaned with water for continuous use if you spill the coffee, cola, or juice on it by accident
  • Highly reusable and designed for long lasting use.


Non-slip rubber base

The mouse pad is an extra thick pad with a rubber base and smooth cloth surface. A pad that will rest firmly on your desk even during the most intense gaming session and shot accurately. The perfect gaming mouse pad for various games like GTA5, Call of Duty, Battlefield 1, God of war, PUBG or CS:GO.


Micro Textured Cloth Surface

  • Designed with super-fine fibre braided material.
  • Micro-textured smooth surface and precise navigation optimize your gaming experience.
  • 0.1 inch extra thin ensures your wrist’s comfort.


Whether you want to light up your desk, or if you want a slick pad for maximum accuracy and response times in your favourite FPS games and MOBA/ RTS games and others, or want to give gamers a great gift, PHILIPS RGB mouse pad is a great choice for you. With its sleek style, vibrant colour, and easy personalization. the PHILIPS mousepad will give you the ultimate gaming experience.


Philips SPL7604 Wireless Charging Mousepad | Desk Mat – YouTube

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