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Harmonics MDC201 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone 4.5M Cable, Professional Grade Mic, Silver

Experience the versatility of the Harmonics Hyper-Cardioid Wired Microphone as it effortlessly captures vocals, musical instruments, and ambient sounds with unmatched accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned audio professional or a passionate beginner, this dynamic microphone delivers outstanding performance at an affordable price.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy spherical globe ensures more durability
  • Hypercardioid pattern can reduce feedback to the minimum possible
  • Ideal for vocal reproduction, speeches and presentations
  • Has integrated foam windshield and breath noise

What you will get:

1 x Dynamic Microphone

1 x XLR/P10 cable

1 x Manual

Additional information:

Brand: Harmonics

Model: MDC201

Type: Hyper-Cardioid Wired microphone

Color: Silver

Body material: Metal

Head material: Metal

Cable: 4.5M

Impedance: 600 Ohms ± 30%

Frequency response: 92Hz ~ 15KHz

Sensetivity: -72dB ± 3dB

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EAN: 7895546011176

Directional Sensitivity

Harmonics dynamic mic have a highly focused pickup pattern that captures sound from the front while minimizing noise and background interference from the sides and rear. This focused directionality allows for precise audio capture and excellent off-axis rejection.

Enhanced Sound Isolation

This hypercardioid dynamic mic excel at isolating the intended sound source. It is ideal for environments with high ambient noise levels or when you want to minimize unwanted sound pickup, such as feedback from speakers or stage monitors.

High Gain Before Feedback

The focused pickup pattern of a hypercardioid microphone helps prevent feedback issues in live performance scenarios. It allows the microphone to pick up the desired sound source without capturing as much sound from nearby monitors or speakers, reducing the likelihood of feedback loops.


This wired microphone is widely used in various applications such as live performances, studio recordings, broadcasting, podcasting, and field recording.


Harmonics microphones are constructed with quality materials and solid metal. They can withstand rough handling, frequent transportation, and on-stage use without sacrificing performance. This durability makes them suitable for both professional and portable setups.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 7 cm


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